Listed below are technical documents available for download.  The files are in .PDF format and require Adobe® Reader® to be viewed.

DECIBEL ADDITIONS Decibel Additions.pdf (32Kb)

MODAL RESONANCES (modes calculations) Modes Calculat.pdf (32kb)

NC TABLE (noise criteria) NC Table.pdf (32kb)
NOISE LEVEL DATA TABLE Noise Level Data.pdf (60kb)

ACOUSTICAL RESONATORS (diaphragmatic) Diaphragmatic.pdf (32kb)

SPEAKER PLACEMENT (horizontal vs. vertical) Horiz vs Vert.pdf (72Kb)
SPEAKER PLACEMENT (fits within a circle...) Fits Within Circ.pdf (88kb)
SPEAKER PLACEMENT (over the console) Over The Console.pdf (88kb)

SPL AND HEARING DAMAGE Hearing Advise.pdf (60Kb)

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