The MBR Design Group is a full-service firm specialized in architectural/acoustical design and testing and technical system design, integration, installation and calibration.

We provide services for professional, corporate, broadcast, multimedia, entertainment and consumer markets and any kind of project like:

Recording studio
Mixing Room
Tv Studio
Music and Drama Theater
House of Worship and Churches

Audio/Video Presentation
Video Conference
Listening Rooms
Educational Facilities
Distance learning

Home Studio
Home Theater
Home Stereo

Each particular facility requires unique features. Designing a flexible and functional space, selecting the construction elements from a large assortment of standard components, choosing the right equipment and configuration for its application and testing and tuning rooms, the facility will be tailored to suit a specific set of requirements.


MBR Design Group believes that consulting, design, supervision and system integration are interrelated and therefore define the project outcome. We recommend contracting MBR Design Group as the only company to provide its services from conception to completion stages, including feasibility studies and installation stages.

MBR Design Group's mission as consultants is to assist in setting realistic goals and to provide achievable alternatives.

By using MBR Design Group to lead a project, customers will benefit from:

Specialized training and engineering objectivity.
to world-class standards, shaping facilities with state-of-the-art characteristics.
abilities to call upon the best human resources to deal with each specific task.

Long standing experience all over the world, boosting its awareness of day-to-day issues specific to that market.
of the newest technology and tools to provide accurate measurements and detailed drawings.
and/or permanent local presence in the area at different stages of the project.
experience and multilingual skills will strengthen communications with all concerned parties.
network communications allow our customers to stay in continuous contact.
Long-term commitment to our customers and "post-project" service provide a flexible follow-up for further developments and/or adjustments.
Clear and comprehensive documentation set with specifications, detailed construction and installation drawings and notes.

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